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This group of orchids consists of Catasetums, Mormodes, Clowesia, Cycnoches and their hybrids. These orchids are easy to grow and bloom once you understand their cultural needs!!! 


--- C U L T U R E ---
Temperature: Warm.
Light: Bright open shade with very good air movement to full sun
Water-Humidity: During the period the plants are in growth, maintain even moisture and high humidity. Once the plants have flowered, water can be reduced or stopped completely until new growth develops enough to produce new roots which are at least 2.5" long. As with Cycnoches, spider mites are the main enemy of Catasetum and they are brought on by hot dry conditions with little air movement. Maintain good moisture, high humidity and good air movement while the plants are in growth.
Fertilizer: Use balanced or high nitrogen fertilizer while the plants are in growth. As with the other Catasetinae, I believe it is impossible to over-fertilize as long as the plants are copiously watered, given high light and strong air movement. See Cycnoches for my personal formula.
Potting: Sphagnum in clay ports, medium-fine firbark in clay or plastic pots or baskets; mounted on tree fern, cork or driftwood with sphagnum at the base for moisture. Hanging the pots or mounts is best because it provides good air movement around the plants. Remember that mounted, plants will require more frequent watering - two or more time per day in the hottest season. A good compromise is to place the plants in pots that are suspended. This offers advantages of both pots and mounts.