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Epidendrum Culture Recommendations per the American Orchid Society:
--- C U L T U R E ---
Temperature: Variable, prefer warm but will grow well in intermediate and even cool, down to 50's (10C) though won't grow at that temperature. These in nature come from sea level to high mountain areas; better to research origin of plant if possible.
Light: High light as much as you can give them without burning the leaves, few prefer diffuse light.
Water-Humidity: Roots like to dry completely between waterings, humidity not critical. To get reed stem epidendrums to bloom withhold water, may take a month or so, i.e. if they are growing well but no blooms abuse them a bit and they will flower. The Epidendrum nocturnum, ciliare, diffusum types prefer more water than other types.
Fertilizer: Not critical, whatever you are using for other orchids.
Potting: Mounted or in coarse mixture (lots of air spaces