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Maxillaria Culture Recommedations per the American Orchid Society
                                                --- C U L T U R E ---
Temperature: The bulk of the species do very well under intermediate temperatures (55F nights/85F days). Those species from high elevations will require cooler temperatures while those from hot lowlands will require warmer conditions.
Light: Most species respond well under bright light but no direct sun. Conditions similar to those for cattleyas.
Water-Humidity: Most species should be watered year round. They should be watered thoroughly and then allowed to nearly dry before watering again. Since the majority of species come from humid or cloud forests, humidity should be maintained at 40-70% year round.
Fertilizer: Use a dilute, one-quarter to one-half strength orchid fertilizer about twice monthly during the growing season.
Potting: Many species are intolerant of being disturbed so a well-drained epiphyte potting medium should be chosen. Repotting should take place only when new growth AND new roots are visible.