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Paphiopedilum Culture Recommendations per the American Orchid Society: 
-- C U L T U R E ---
Temperature: Requirements vary. 55F – 100F, depending on species.
Light: 1000 footcandles in the hot Summer months, 1,400 footcandles in the cooler months.
Water-Humidity: Wait until potting medium is starting to dry out but not completely dry before watering. Water thoroughly until water runs freely through the drain holes in the pot.
Fertilizer: Fertilize with a balanced, water-soluble formula at 150-200ppm (parts per million). Fertilizer is applied from October through May on the day after every other watering. Ensure two waterings between every fertilizer application to remove any residual salts from previous applications. Discontinue fertilizer during hot Summer months to prevent salt burns as a result of plant taking up too much fertilizer.
Potting: A fairly porous mix is recommended, consisting of five parts medium fir bark, two parts Canadian peat and one part each charcoal, extra coarse Sponge Rok #4 and ½-inch (1.25-cm) Stalite. Combine components in these proportions to produce a mix that provides support for the roots while allowing them to breath and resist becoming water-logged.