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--- C U L T U R E ---
Temperature: Warm conditions. 65F at night, 85-90F during the day. For subgenus Aphyllae and Parishianae, species do best under cool to intermediate conditions of 55F at night , 75F during the day.
Light: Bright, but no direct sunlight. (between 1,000 to 1,200 footcandles)
Water-Humidity: Water when almost dry. Ideal humidity is in the 50% range. For increased humidity maintain good air movement.
Fertilizer: Fertilize every time they are watered with a balanced fertilizer at half the recommended strength. Flush with pure water every fourth time.
Potting: Pot every year in late Spring or early Summer after they finish blooming. Use Sphagnum Moss in warm and humid areas and bark-type mixes in cooler and dryer environments. Use a tight-fitted pot or container as Phalaenopsis do not like to be over potted