Doritis pulcherrima var champorensis (pink). Now Phal.

RMP Orchids


Pot Size: 4"
Bloom Size: Yes

Doritis is a genus of small to medium-sized plants belonging to the Phalaenopsis Alliance.
While many Phalaenopsis inflorescences tend to gracefully arch, those of Doritis are stiffly erect, an adaptation resulting from their terrestrial habitat.

LIGHT : Direct light should be avoided. Indirect bright light is most necessary
TEMPERATURE : Warm conditions are essential for Doritis.
WATER : Water needs for Doritis are pretty similar to Phalaenopsis. Water when almost dry.
POTTING : Doritis does not like to be over potted. Pot every year after they finish blooming. . Use Sphagnum Moss in warm and humid areas and bark type mixes in cooler and dryer environments.

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